Our Company

Evans Steel was founded in 1993 by a 23 year veteran of the steel industry, Pat Evans. Evans launched his company on a simple premise: start small, grow slowly and do it right.

Initially, Evans Steel provided structural steel products as well as forming, shearing and fabrication services to local and regional contractors. While Evans expanded over the years, it continued to maintain its focus on quality, service and customer satisfaction. Today, Evans Steel's 3.9 acre facility offers comprehensive warehouses of structural steel products, miscellaneous and structural fabrication, galvanizing and specialized coating services. Recently, Evans Steel has applied its experience and expertise to the welding and fabrication of HDPE pipe commonly used in marine applications.

Evans' engineers and draftsmen work with you every step of the way to take your concept to reality. Evans' in-house AISC certified welders and fabricating specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure an end product that meets your exact specifications. Evans Steel's quality assurance program, hands-on management, and customer communication approach gaurantees the highest quality product and service possible.

Nationwide, Evans Steel products can be seen in both small and large projects: military, communication towers, utilities, dams, commercial and industrial buildings, weirs and storage containers, and that's only a small sampling.

From product concept to fabrication and assembly,
Evans Steel can do it all and do it right!